Children’s Books

Their colorful pages and interesting titles draw my attention whenever I try to buy some books from a second-hand bookstore. I am not sure what comes to me when I check children’s books. I am just mesmerized. 🙂

These past few days I have caught myself checking children’s book titles in a local bookstore and even tried to get myself a new one for a short read. So, I ended up buying this:


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Books for November


This month I surely enjoyed the pleasure of buying these hard-to-find books. ^^

This serves as my early Christmas gift for myself . Unless, other wonderful books or some great planner come along later this month.

JpegMost of these books I remember from my childhood. I mostly remember them through movies which I think I had seen in VHS (Video Home System) tapes. Most probably many younger people now are not even familiar with that system. Well, that was my memory before the rise of CDs, DVDs, and of course the torrent generation. 😉

It was worth finding these books and reminiscing the happy years. I cannot believe that my book collection is really starting to grow. I actually had other purchases from book sales last August and September. Well, this hobby is definitely a hard one to outgrow.

Books! Books! Books!

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Books that I got for the months of August and September. All from sale and from second-hand bookstores. I got all these books for roughly Php 1,200. This really made me a happy lady. ^^