Step one, two, three
Up and down the road
Watching each crack
Seeking some light

Dark and fallen apart
Some color pops out
Life comes rushing back
Thank you, only words

Leaves fall and dry
Future seems far
Hello rarely echoes
Heart beats faster

Smaller steps one
Second fall harder
Last try to get better
Final dance and fly away

JM Salgado

Catching the Soul


The soul gets sucked out of everything
A skeleton stands with life-like moves
Walking, watching, wavering fools
Searching for air to set as one’s own

Circling the town day and night
Scratching the skull that hangs upright
Dents form as time passes by
Some more pressure and holes shall explode

The struggle is real even afar
Drifting the feelings far behind
Goals seem endless and unsatisfied
To maim each bone noted with lies

I’m a fool, but I feel sane
Denying pain and reckless space
Maybe it’s not me at all
Did you look within your own soul?