A Collection of Poems

limbo (1)Will be working on a collection of my poems. I have accumulated quite a handful, but will work on polishing them. 😉

I’ll be posting it in my account soon!

For now, here’s what I have in mind for the cover: ——————————>

Here’s also a part of the introduction.

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Alex walks down the street
Slowly but her heart beats fast
Almost out of breath in her lungs
She stops and holds her mouth


One. Two.


One. Two.

Her hands drop to grab her neck
She’s scratching something out
Gasping for more, more air
She runs towards nowhere

The streets are empty and damp
Her shoes are covered with mud
She stumbled to the ground
Tries to pull herself up. Up!

Her body feels cold
She faces the stars

While inhaling and exhaling…

Empty breaths

A tear falls down her eye

Her ears turn red
She hears steps
She holds her arms up
Wishing she could shout HELP

Alex thinks she’s saved
She looks up the faces looking at her
It is too late,
They have red swollen eyes

Looking down on her
Her mom closes the cover


Stones and pebbles covered the floor
A few green grass growing in between
There’s a faint smell flowing
Smoky, muddy, sweet, but hard

“Walk!” a low voice shouts behind
Someone bumps a small girl on the right
My feet shake and lose balance
Hit my knee to one rough rock

More heavy steps marching forward
No one gave a second to help
My knee is oozing with red
The sting from the smooth cut across

I hate blood, and its rusty taste
But every now and then shades entices me
Light, pinkish, crimson red all over
In the midst of the full moon bloom

Only the gray and icy ground sees
The wind and the leaves listen
With the dark orange glare from the sun
Our stories are recorded on the pavement


The clock strikes three-thirty
Everyone stayed quiet and still
A glass shattered on the table
No one was silent, screams!
Everyone, all at the same time

The doors locked suddenly
People hammering them to be free
One screamed, he got splinters on his hands
Then the place slowly lit up
Five minutes, they though, no it was longer

Someone opened the door outside
Flood of red fluids rushing to his feet
He showed a crooked smile
With a bucket on his right hand
A camera on the other with a long string

The clock strikes four-thirty
The man covered with the red water
Stood, walked slowly, shut the door behind
Cool, clear water showered from the top

There was a scream. Again!
The man’s eyes widened
He rushed and unlocked the doors
It was raining cold water inside

Blood and sweat.

Clean, clear.

Who was it?

Little Moves

Annie dances across the room, pointing one foot every after three steps. With her pastel blue dress, she steps on burning charcoals everywhere. Then she hears a whisper above, “Honey, dinner’s ready.”

She opens her eyes. She’s back to her white covered bed, only moving her eyes to answer “Yes”

Lucky Star


A lucky star for one night
Can brighten even the saddest child
Across the room at one corner there
A heart pounding, praying well

Though time flies by quickly
The dream made a fool of the innocent
Cruelty faced the lucky star
It’s a fake, cried the child

Wish and hope to a distant light
Won’t help an inch in my despair
Foolish thought shouldn’t linger long
I shall tell my own to grow fast as well

Do not believe a lucky star?
Stand and make your own path
Worries and dark corners collide
To someone playing at the light coming from the sky

Catching the Soul


The soul gets sucked out of everything
A skeleton stands with life-like moves
Walking, watching, wavering fools
Searching for air to set as one’s own

Circling the town day and night
Scratching the skull that hangs upright
Dents form as time passes by
Some more pressure and holes shall explode

The struggle is real even afar
Drifting the feelings far behind
Goals seem endless and unsatisfied
To maim each bone noted with lies

I’m a fool, but I feel sane
Denying pain and reckless space
Maybe it’s not me at all
Did you look within your own soul?


Isang hakbang pa lamang
Lumilipad na ang linya’t
Pinakikiramdaman ang mga salitang
Lumalampas sa kanilang gunita

Pinipilit na iwasang lumingon
Tingalang sa himpapawid ang abot
Madapa ay kamatayan
Lumingon sa kabiguan

Ngunit wala akong nagawa
Nangalay na ang aking leeg
Napatingin ako sa ibaba
Di makaya ang bigat ng batok

Pumasok lahat ng hangin
Kumalam ang aking sikmura
Dinala ang aking katawan
Sa daluyang kinatatayuan


Cracking sounds high above the clouds
Not thunder or enough lightning to crowd
Enjoying the screams of the chorus beneath
Rejoicing above for the hype they filled

Tall and short lads and ladies walk
Holding torches burning whole
Ready to spark some party tonight
Tossing and turning people all around

JM Salgado