Dinner is Served

Welcome home! Mama always greeted me that way. Why can’t you do that as well? See, the sky is dark now and I worked so hard today; a warm greeting would lighten up my day. But I guess you are too busy with your favorite show. You are kicking the table for three straight minutes … Continue reading Dinner is Served

A Collection of Poems

Will be working on a collection of my poems. I have accumulated quite a handful, but will work on polishing them. 😉 I'll be posting it in my account soon! For now, here's what I have in mind for the cover: ------------------------------> Here's also a part of the introduction. Limbo (n) --- a state of uncertainty Other … Continue reading A Collection of Poems

Child’s Play

In the room there were three chairs But four people staggered in Susie, Sally, Sam, and Susan Painting, waving, calling out for something Susie stared at Susan Sam reached for Sally No one wanted to finish the game They all ran, holding hands Pairs sat on two chairs The door slammed shut thundering Laughter filled … Continue reading Child’s Play


Stones and pebbles covered the floor A few green grass growing in between There's a faint smell flowing Smoky, muddy, sweet, but hard "Walk!" a low voice shouts behind Someone bumps a small girl on the right My feet shake and lose balance Hit my knee to one rough rock More heavy steps marching forward … Continue reading Pavement


The clock strikes three-thirty Everyone stayed quiet and still A glass shattered on the table No one was silent, screams! Everyone, all at the same time The doors locked suddenly People hammering them to be free One screamed, he got splinters on his hands Then the place slowly lit up Five minutes, they though, no … Continue reading Guest

Lucky Star

A lucky star for one night Can brighten even the saddest child Across the room at one corner there A heart pounding, praying well Though time flies by quickly The dream made a fool of the innocent Cruelty faced the lucky star It's a fake, cried the child Wish and hope to a distant light … Continue reading Lucky Star

Catching the Soul

The soul gets sucked out of everything A skeleton stands with life-like moves Walking, watching, wavering fools Searching for air to set as one's own Circling the town day and night Scratching the skull that hangs upright Dents form as time passes by Some more pressure and holes shall explode The struggle is real even … Continue reading Catching the Soul


Isang hakbang pa lamang Lumilipad na ang linya't Pinakikiramdaman ang mga salitang Lumalampas sa kanilang gunita Pinipilit na iwasang lumingon Tingalang sa himpapawid ang abot Madapa ay kamatayan Lumingon sa kabiguan Ngunit wala akong nagawa Nangalay na ang aking leeg Napatingin ako sa ibaba Di makaya ang bigat ng batok Pumasok lahat ng hangin Kumalam ang … Continue reading Lula