Snaps, Shots, and Shakes hands

Moonlight draws the crowd closer to the sound Searching for shadows eaten by the nearby ground Was it a cry or a scream of a boy who has yet to be found By the party taking snaps of tears falling on the mound This is the day, the last of summer as they say People … Continue reading Snaps, Shots, and Shakes hands

A Collection of Poems

Will be working on a collection of my poems. I have accumulated quite a handful, but will work on polishing them. 😉 I'll be posting it in my account soon! For now, here's what I have in mind for the cover: ------------------------------> Here's also a part of the introduction. Limbo (n) --- a state of uncertainty Other … Continue reading A Collection of Poems


The clock strikes three-thirty Everyone stayed quiet and still A glass shattered on the table No one was silent, screams! Everyone, all at the same time The doors locked suddenly People hammering them to be free One screamed, he got splinters on his hands Then the place slowly lit up Five minutes, they though, no … Continue reading Guest


"I want to see a rainbow," Abie said. "Alright, tomorrow," Mom answered while she was in bed. "No! I want to see it today," the young girl insisted. "Don't do this darling. Mommy can't walk you there today. Tomorrow instead." "Why? You never keep your promise," Abie ran out the door. "Tomorrow." The lines went … Continue reading Midnight


They say I’m a good-for-nothing person. Though there are times I really think they are right. But most of the days they’re wrong. -- Oh my, how long have we known each other? Fifteen, twenty years perhaps. I know every little bit about you. The way you look into my eyes. The way we talk … Continue reading Endless