Dreams and Reality

Maybe it was never meant for me. --- Dreams come Dreams change But at the end of the day Dreams embrace me Warmly. Distant. Friendly. Surprising. They are my quick escape From the worries and troubles of existence --- Questions crawl out of my mouth Choking me whenever I resist I can't help it. I … Continue reading Dreams and Reality

Chasing the Writing Bug

There are numerous opportunities for me to start bringing life to the unimaginable stories out of my head. But most of the time I slack off instead. Then getting annoyed at the end because of wasted hours. Frustrations Writing has always been one of my toughest frustrations (next to singing). I'm aware of how random … Continue reading Chasing the Writing Bug

Rainy Days, Films, and a Hot Cup of Coffee

Multiple raindrops can trigger a lasting sensation. There aren't much to do on rainy days. How I wish I could go back to my younger years when I can dance in the rain without any worries to bother me. Now that I'm 22, I find other musings to keep me company. There are dozens of … Continue reading Rainy Days, Films, and a Hot Cup of Coffee

Breaking Free of My Writing Paralysis

I haven't written much for weeks. July is almost done, but I'm still floating across the flight of my mind. This is the phase I consider as my writing paralysis. A state of writing depression when nothing seems to "inspire" me to pick up my pen and start writing. Maybe it's the weather or my … Continue reading Breaking Free of My Writing Paralysis

Lucky Star

A lucky star for one night Can brighten even the saddest child Across the room at one corner there A heart pounding, praying well Though time flies by quickly The dream made a fool of the innocent Cruelty faced the lucky star It's a fake, cried the child Wish and hope to a distant light … Continue reading Lucky Star

Catching the Soul

The soul gets sucked out of everything A skeleton stands with life-like moves Walking, watching, wavering fools Searching for air to set as one's own Circling the town day and night Scratching the skull that hangs upright Dents form as time passes by Some more pressure and holes shall explode The struggle is real even … Continue reading Catching the Soul


Isang hakbang pa lamang Lumilipad na ang linya't Pinakikiramdaman ang mga salitang Lumalampas sa kanilang¬†gunita Pinipilit na iwasang lumingon Tingalang sa himpapawid ang abot Madapa ay kamatayan Lumingon sa kabiguan Ngunit wala akong nagawa Nangalay na ang aking leeg Napatingin ako sa ibaba Di makaya ang bigat ng batok Pumasok lahat ng hangin Kumalam ang … Continue reading Lula

Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

Isn't it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different..." - C.S. Lewis Being in my early twenties is difficult to imagine myself worrying much about the future. This stage in my life seems to be a carefree one. I guess, I never got to that level. Every … Continue reading Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between