A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

March 23, 2005 University of the Philippines Los Baños The birth date of The Rhetoricians 🙂 Today is the 10th anniversary of the UPLB Speech Communication organization. A place which I considered a family since the day I became I member in 2010. It is such a wonderful moment to look back to the things… Continue reading A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

Isn't it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different..." - C.S. Lewis Being in my early twenties is difficult to imagine myself worrying much about the future. This stage in my life seems to be a carefree one. I guess, I never got to that level. Every… Continue reading Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between


Minsan nasugatan ka na pala pero hindi mo pa alam. Nagpadala ka lang sa bugso ng damdamin, maaaring saya o lungkot. Sobra-sobra. Malilingon mo lang at mapapansin ang sugat kapag kumikirot na ito. Nagmistulang may ilang daang karayom ang unti-unting tumutusok dito. Tumutulo na pala minsan ang iilang patak ng dugo sa iyong balat pero… Continue reading Sugat

The Cycle

A roller coaster emotional ride Across the day, spreading like fire Bringing me up but pulling me down Shaking the fear dwelling within Jumping about the joy I felt Sucked down suddenly down to hell My feelings are being scattered everywhere People around are bothered and stressed Can't help and stop the pain But burst… Continue reading The Cycle

DAY 6 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

As I was growing up, the media became my source of knowledge. I got entertained and educated. The influence that I got was so strong that I was stuck with the stories and characters. There came a certain dependence that I felt towards these fictional places and people that I've met. The preferences that I… Continue reading DAY 6 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

There are times when thoughts can't fully come out of my mind, and can't fit into words. Either searching for a scene or finding the right pitch, when you get a writer's block. It seems difficult to get away from it. As a young aspiring writer, I usually get stuck with an empty screen and blinking cursor… Continue reading DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

DAY 1 Memories of my forgotten childhood

At my age, many people seem to see that I act and think beyond my years. Their reactions and comments make me look back and try to find out the events that made me like this. Is it because of the people I met? Or the trials I encountered? When did I forget about being… Continue reading DAY 1 Memories of my forgotten childhood

Pop, Pop

Colorful shirts, baggy pants Cute, glittery headdresses Catchy lines, pretty dances Collection of memories, nineties faces Children jump and sing Along the tune of western beings Girl groups, boy bands Screaming pre-teens all around No fancy bags, no messy jams Just loud and wonderful sighs Dreams come all alive Around the four corners, bouncing Turn… Continue reading Pop, Pop

Playwright’s Dilemma

There were times that I tried to make myself believe in dialogues more than just lines. When I was in the university, I can't find much satisfaction with the writing outputs that I have. I was not sure of the type of writer I wanted to be. In my last year in the university, I… Continue reading Playwright’s Dilemma


Children grow up so fast, but their memories linger for a lifetime. This process keeps a collection of the impressions and emotions that I have made throughout the colorful, unforgettable, and random days of my childhood. I was given the chance to live and grow up in a generation when people are moving to a… Continue reading Daluyong