Dinner is Served

Welcome home! Mama always greeted me that way. Why can’t you do that as well? See, the sky is dark now and I worked so hard today; a warm greeting would lighten up my day. But I guess you are too busy with your favorite show. You are kicking the table for three straight minutes … Continue reading Dinner is Served

Just a single chapter

Only nine days left before this challenge ends, so why not read my entry for this one: Tap, Tap, Malady It's not much of the typical writing style that I post, but I hope anyone who reads it can still enjoy the story. This is only one of the chapters that I plan to work … Continue reading Just a single chapter

Fire Starter

This is the last day that I see the light. The last day I hear the people's cries. The last... the first time I shall scream back. I'm innocent. "Liar, liar," they shouted. "Hang him." "Kill him." I'm innocent. When did it all start?  Firebreather, firefighter, fire eating people alive The last... the first time … Continue reading Fire Starter

Love Story 101

Nonexistent No one took a risk Some wanted it ASAP Others later, Never But fear took over Step one Stare Step two Heart beats faster Step three Fear takes over Still nonexistent 'Coz no one took a risk No one wants to risk A friendship A connection A lasting relation Step four Miss the chance … Continue reading Love Story 101


I haven't seen much TV shows for the couple of years that I stayed here. Mostly because I can't understand the rationale about the neverending cycle of love-fight-love-trial-happy ending stories bombarding the tube nowadays. Still, it's a continuous fascination of people around the globe. Young, middle-aged, old, single, in a relationship, or married, everyone loves … Continue reading Patalastas

Child’s Play

In the room there were three chairs But four people staggered in Susie, Sally, Sam, and Susan Painting, waving, calling out for something Susie stared at Susan Sam reached for Sally No one wanted to finish the game They all ran, holding hands Pairs sat on two chairs The door slammed shut thundering Laughter filled … Continue reading Child’s Play

Burning Desire

Boiling with hot steam coming through Tingling more than usual Thoughts fill the empty space Between myself and the dying race Dreams stay for a while Until someone shatters them apart With words that pierce across the heart Burning but not killing the self inside It's worst than any other things Surrounding the days that … Continue reading Burning Desire


The clock strikes three-thirty Everyone stayed quiet and still A glass shattered on the table No one was silent, screams! Everyone, all at the same time The doors locked suddenly People hammering them to be free One screamed, he got splinters on his hands Then the place slowly lit up Five minutes, they though, no … Continue reading Guest