Waves of thinning memories rush to shore
Surprising me with a thunderous roar
Reminding, remembering for the last time
Before drowning into the dark side

Flashes of familiar faces
Whispers of lovely voices
I know them.
I knew them.
But now, I’m losing every bit of them

Little by little, then
All at once
Drops of water everywhere
Gathered together
Sending me off to my final bed

Soft, white cushion
A shiny cover
With sweet smelling flowers
Thrown above


Saying good bye.

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Leaving No Trace


Is it even possible to leave without any trace?

Maybe it is the time to say goodbye
Soften the blow of an unexpected break
Lessen the touch, even a simple nod
Keep the smile but it may deeply scar the heart
Still, maybe with this, leaving is possible
Erase the moments slowly from the routine
Say what you mean, show what you wish
It is the time to finally say goodbye

So, soften the blow of this unexpected break
Lessen the touch, lessen the talk
Keep the smile, keep it close

Erasing the memories slowly
With the hours moving