Train of Thought

Balance is what we need Every step is weighed for a good deed But no one was able to read The rules behind the hidden creed Man or woman plays a game Reaching far away from the grave A place sucked out from the start Blinds the path towards the light Faith was put to … Continue reading Train of Thought

Lucky Star

A lucky star for one night Can brighten even the saddest child Across the room at one corner there A heart pounding, praying well Though time flies by quickly The dream made a fool of the innocent Cruelty faced the lucky star It's a fake, cried the child Wish and hope to a distant light … Continue reading Lucky Star

3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing

Exemplary work needs time, passion, and a lot of handwork. Unless a person's naturally brilliant that every idea that comes out of his/her mind would sound like a whistling lavenders to an abandoned lang. Most of the time when I want to start writing, I suddenly get the urge of making a long to-do list, … Continue reading 3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing