Poem 04: Puzzle, Life

I never really liked puzzles
I’m not sure why

They twist and turn across my head
Lying, deceiving, trying to escape
My eyes would hurt while my hands tremble
Finding the answers to all the questions

“It will work. It sharpens the mind”
These were people’s lines
Whenever I refuse to start a move

“Games, they are all just games”
My favorite response to them all

Perfect sounding words don’t falter easily
But my peers would see through them quickly
Useless creative, poetic tactic aligns
For words are all like puzzles at the end

But they don’t come like they used to so well

Patience, logic, confusion, lingering
Finding answers to my troubled mind

Bothered by the letters and numbers
Even words fly across the clear blue sky
Firing squads ready to make the call

None would try to understand
My confusion, desires, and faults will remain untold

Shots are fired

No more moves,
No more puzzles to solve


Walking up and down the stairs
Fidgeting at some unknown pace
Only looking on the toes of my feet
Ideas bursting all over the place

No one wanted to do it, I insisted
Everyone knew it was a good plan
On the third step up, the fidgeting stops
Missing the step had be falling, breaking

My knees scrape the steps or is it the other way
The bone cracks without warning
My ideas scattered on the floor
Tears come down uninvited, I’m not sure why

I know it is not because of the pain
But partly because of it, I guess
Though it’s more of the thought I lost
The fall shouldn’t have happened

Now, I look at the red mark
I wipe the tears away
I need to go back to my spot
The best of my work is interrupted

Lucky Star


A lucky star for one night
Can brighten even the saddest child
Across the room at one corner there
A heart pounding, praying well

Though time flies by quickly
The dream made a fool of the innocent
Cruelty faced the lucky star
It’s a fake, cried the child

Wish and hope to a distant light
Won’t help an inch in my despair
Foolish thought shouldn’t linger long
I shall tell my own to grow fast as well

Do not believe a lucky star?
Stand and make your own path
Worries and dark corners collide
To someone playing at the light coming from the sky

3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing

Exemplary work needs time, passion, and a lot of handwork. Unless a person’s naturally brilliant that every idea that comes out of his/her mind would sound like a whistling lavenders to an abandoned lang. Most of the time when I want to start writing, I suddenly get the urge of making a long to-do list, find other things to do, wait. Some seem reasonable, others menial and trivial at all.

I never really thought that I just made those to procrastinate on my writing.

1. Make really long TO-DO LIST

Priority: Writing


I do the others first.

There’s like a blast of tasks to finish. I force myself to do the easier ones first. I do know in “theory” that I should work on the bigger load first because I can allot more time to it. Then I move to the easier, smaller tasks after.

Well, I do the opposite. So, my writing gets postpone until the last minute. Sometimes even put on hold and be a to-do priority number one (again!) the next day, and the next. This aggravates to totally not writing anything.

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