Pinipilit kong balik-balikan Ang alaalang lumulutang Sa tanging bughaw na kalangitan Inaaninag mga mukhang sa alapaap dumulong Bitbit ang kakapiranggot na tela Kinupas na ng panahon at luha Dikit na halos sa aking dibdib Ramdam ang bawat pintig Lahat ng maraanan ay nilalapitan Pinakikiramdaman upang marinig kahit panandalian Hindi lang mga mata ang kinukuha Pati… Continue reading Haplos

6 Movies I Wish Were Books

Many things have helped shaped the person I am now. When put inside my comfort zone, the walls would be made up of books from the children's, young adult, and classic genres. Then there would probably be a few TV screens or computer monitors flashing the hundreds of movies I've seen growing up. Others must… Continue reading 6 Movies I Wish Were Books

Tim Burton Movies

Most of my written works are a little dark and disturbing at times, but they make me feel and see differently. Aside from books, I also find comfort with movies. Most of the time these movies are done by Tim Burton. Then of course there are an extra inspiration with Johnny Depp. 😉 Tim Burton's style… Continue reading Tim Burton Movies

Books for an Old Soul

Personally, there is a different feeling whenever I flip through pages of books. The new and the old ones, I tend to be more attracted to the latter. The smell of old, thrift shop books are intoxicating, and yes it's strange but I sniff through some of the pages. It's just me 😉 Every reader… Continue reading Books for an Old Soul


"I want to see a rainbow," Abie said. "Alright, tomorrow," Mom answered while she was in bed. "No! I want to see it today," the young girl insisted. "Don't do this darling. Mommy can't walk you there today. Tomorrow instead." "Why? You never keep your promise," Abie ran out the door. "Tomorrow." The lines went… Continue reading Midnight