On Writing (3): Language – Filipino or English?

Filipino or English, what should I use to better share my ideas? 


With a background in communication studies specifically in language and culture, I learned that there isn’t a “better” language. Moreover, the thought of providing a distinct hierarchy of languages that makes one the best is affected by various factors which can be seen within the society and outside the society. There isn’t that one particular criterion that lets you identify one language that is better than another. The use of a particular mode of communication is also a result of people’s interactions and are associated with various factors such as the community’s history, values, and traditions.  I won’t expound on the minute details for each one as you may search for it in various scholarly articles (communication theories, language acquisition, multilingual concepts).

In my writing, however,  I still am bothered by this concept. Even with the idea of using various languages as an individual element in communication, I get troubled whenever I try to choose over the two languages that I know. Like right now, I am using English. Ha!

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Code-switching Culture and Beyond

Speaking English well isn’t the only basis for a person’s intelligence. 

Speaking English with a resounding American accent isn’t the only basis for a person’s intelligence.

Speaking grammatically correct English is still not the only basis for a person’s intelligence.

How do we use language in our lives?

When people speak with the vernacular, does it mean that they are already displaying a lower level of intelligence?

Why do Filipinos laugh when they hear another person speaking English with a strong native accent even though it’s grammatically correct?

Even the international education sector recognizes the growing use of International Englishes. It’s not only a singular system that follows syntax, grammar, and other communication standards that are considered as the “American” English. There are a lot of interesting stories, ideas, and even research on how people learn or acquire a certain language (these two still have their own theories).

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