How to Get Back Up from a Slump?

Crying your eyes out early in the morning isn’t a great start for the day, but still getting up and preparing for work is a huge step in facing the day better. In fact, even just the thought of trying is a strong choice to make to begin the day. However, it is not that easy to do every single time this moment happens. This is something I realized just recently when I got to the lowest point of my physical, emotional, and even mental threshold; with the latter, an event that is totally new to me.

Calm Before the Storm

A quick background about me, I am the eldest of three and I just turned 26 this year which, I guess, stirred up a lot of unsettled emotions and thoughts within me. Growing up as the eldest child in a Filipino family setup means opening myself to maturity at an earlier stage compared to my siblings; though this may be the case with many other first borns.

Even when I was just in Grade 1, I remember having to do household chores at home as well as keeping an eye on my baby sister and my youngest brother. They are only roughly more than a year apart, unlike with me who is two years older than my sister and four years older than my brother. I thought it was a typical situation and simply enjoyed the days.

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3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing

Exemplary work needs time, passion, and a lot of handwork. Unless a person’s naturally brilliant that every idea that comes out of his/her mind would sound like a whistling lavenders to an abandoned lang. Most of the time when I want to start writing, I suddenly get the urge of making a long to-do list, find other things to do, wait. Some seem reasonable, others menial and trivial at all.

I never really thought that I just made those to procrastinate on my writing.

1. Make really long TO-DO LIST

Priority: Writing


I do the others first.

There’s like a blast of tasks to finish. I force myself to do the easier ones first. I do know in “theory” that I should work on the bigger load first because I can allot more time to it. Then I move to the easier, smaller tasks after.

Well, I do the opposite. So, my writing gets postpone until the last minute. Sometimes even put on hold and be a to-do priority number one (again!) the next day, and the next. This aggravates to totally not writing anything.

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Walking along the road, seeing less and less of the flowers and trees that I grew up with, seeing new faces, and finding none of the old ones. I feel that I am in a very different place.

I know that I am not so much of a social person. I enjoy the quiet and peaceful company of books at home. Also, with some hours of movies on the side. I learn to appreciate life through those experiences. Now, I’m trying to find another sense of peace with the people around me. I’m slowly stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing my dreams into reality.

Opening up to people with gusto is like standing naked in a showroom- uncomfortable, scary, dangerous. Those are the thoughts that sometimes bother me whenever I try to talk with people. I think it’s an ordinary experience for people to feel fear every now and then. I appreciate those times. Those are the challenges that can make me a better person. However, the more I move, the more random my thoughts come. The more mistakes I can make. I hope that the next time my thoughts bombard my head, those bleed to paper and words come to save me.

Finding my place

It has been a couple of months when I started deleting my online accounts. I tried to disconnect from the things that eat up my time. I tried to find other means to connect with others.

Through that experience, I found myself only needing my closest friends. They are the ones who understand and who encourage me to do even the craziest thing which will help me grow. I am now dealing with my fears. Now, I’m writing again.

This time, I would like to try exploring a different side to my writing. I’ve been searching for places to express my thoughts. I hope that this place may help me find peace.

I have my personal blog, all about my random thoughts, and a place to store my precious memories. I have found a place to share my skill and love of words. I found a place to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Now, I am here finding a place to share some of my thoughts on the things that I want to embrace.