Lucky Star


A lucky star for one night
Can brighten even the saddest child
Across the room at one corner there
A heart pounding, praying well

Though time flies by quickly
The dream made a fool of the innocent
Cruelty faced the lucky star
It’s a fake, cried the child

Wish and hope to a distant light
Won’t help an inch in my despair
Foolish thought shouldn’t linger long
I shall tell my own to grow fast as well

Do not believe a lucky star?
Stand and make your own path
Worries and dark corners collide
To someone playing at the light coming from the sky



Step one, two, three
Up and down the road
Watching each crack
Seeking some light

Dark and fallen apart
Some color pops out
Life comes rushing back
Thank you, only words

Leaves fall and dry
Future seems far
Hello rarely echoes
Heart beats faster

Smaller steps one
Second fall harder
Last try to get better
Final dance and fly away

JM Salgado


Isang hakbang pa lamang
Lumilipad na ang linya’t
Pinakikiramdaman ang mga salitang
Lumalampas sa kanilang gunita

Pinipilit na iwasang lumingon
Tingalang sa himpapawid ang abot
Madapa ay kamatayan
Lumingon sa kabiguan

Ngunit wala akong nagawa
Nangalay na ang aking leeg
Napatingin ako sa ibaba
Di makaya ang bigat ng batok

Pumasok lahat ng hangin
Kumalam ang aking sikmura
Dinala ang aking katawan
Sa daluyang kinatatayuan

A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

March 23, 2005
University of the Philippines Los Baños

The birth date of The Rhetoricians 🙂

logoToday is the 10th anniversary of the UPLB Speech Communication organization. A place which I considered a family since the day I became I member in 2010.

It is such a wonderful moment to look back to the things I’ve done and learned from this organization. The amazing and somewhat crazy members I’ve met who all brought unimaginable joy and shared memorable experiences with me. This was also the place which helped me hone my skills in writing and speech communication. I even kept some of the souvenirs to remember those times.

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Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

Isn’t it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different…” – C.S. Lewis

Being in my early twenties is difficult to imagine myself worrying much about the future. This stage in my life seems to be a carefree one. I guess, I never got to that level. Every day there’s more and more of the reflection that I have actually skipped some or jumped from being young to adulthood. There was no teenage life in between. It was a clear cut line from young to adult self. Many of life’s circumstances and challenges made me grow up a lot faster than my peers.

Now, it seems much clearer that it truly was a jump (or maybe the genes).

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DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

There are times when thoughts can’t fully come out of my mind, and can’t fit into words. Either searching for a scene or finding the right pitch, when you get a writer’s block. It seems difficult to get away from it.

As a young aspiring writer, I usually get stuck with an empty screen and blinking cursor because I can’t seem to find anything to write about. There are times that I just sigh and feel so down. So, I take a break and try to relax.

My professor in the university used to let us have a short exercise.

1. Take out a piece of paper.

2. Put a timer on for one or two minutes.

3. Press start then write anything. Any word, phrase, object that you can see, feel, or think about.

Don’t worry about the tenses, grammar, or any other rules. But remember NOT to write A COMPLETE SENTENCE. (You may if you really feel like doing so, but I prefer being so random at this time) 🙂

Don’t force to make the words sound like a poem. Just DON’T FORCE IT.

Free yourself with random words: objects, names, colors, smell, taste, adjective, adverb, conjunctions, … When the alarm goes off, put down your pen. STOP.

Look at the words you’ve written. This is a good start for your writing. Those words or phrases can give you now an idea to continue writing. This exercise helped me whenever I get stuck on doing an output. It was (and still is) a good break which let me inhale some fresh air to my thoughts. Then I know that my writing can only be done once I actually start writing something.

Don’t stay stuck for long. Start moving. Move your hands and let them dance with the pen and leave a mark. 😉


No break in between doesn’t make John a dull boy

No break in between makes John jump to a pit of fire

Anger, hatred, and pity sucks the life within

I have to go away to keep myself safe

Living for today is not enough

I have to live for the rest of my life

Holding back these emotions

Will rot the being I kept pure

I have to let go

Holding back the tears

This is the hardest part to keep

Sadness, fear, happiness, and anger

They all make me tear up

Others I cannot keep,

Others I consciously fight back.

Stretching my limits

Carrying me away from my being