The One: Lens through Different Characters

Sometimes I am not sure if I am going to call myself a pop culture junkie or not. There are instances when I really follow a certain trend or sudden entertainment outburst, but other times I am this old spirit in a young lady’s body enjoying my simple corner in the room. In between all those, I have noticed that several books, songs, TV shows, and movies have shaped my personal idea about love and relationship. This is my personal take on it and I am not sure if others can relate as well, but there must be even just a tiny piece of influence in all of us.

I can find both the cynical people and the hopeless romantics in the same scenario of having their inspiration from their favorite show, book, or song. This is how our society is molded. In my country, the Philippines, we are Asians in the facade, but most of our rooting are cluttered western practices, beliefs, and dreams. However, I would not make this as a generalization because there are still some rare species among us (and I don’t really want to make a fight). Anyway, as I was trying to find this specific meaning to love, I am overwhelmed with the hope movies project.

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DAY 6 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

As I was growing up, the media became my source of knowledge. I got entertained and educated. The influence that I got was so strong that I was stuck with the stories and characters. There came a certain dependence that I felt towards these fictional places and people that I’ve met.

The preferences that I give towards stories are rooted to the meanings they portray. Many people find me strange because of this. While many of my peers enjoy the pleasure of pop culture and the now, I prefer going old-fashioned. A cup of tea on one hand and a good book on the other. I like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ray Bradbury. They like John Green and Neil Gaiman. I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, Community, and Criminal Minds. They like many romantic and fantasy stories. I don’t have a problem with that, but many of them have a problem with my choices. It made me feel out of place 😦

Those were the days. Now, I appreciate being different. I grew up. I am thankful that I was given the chance to be different and not following the flow, because I saw a unique side of myself. I have nothing against my peers, I just hope that they also feel the same way. We are all unique in our own right. If all is the same, life would be very boring.