6 Movies I Wish Were Books

Many things have helped shaped the person I am now. When put inside my comfort zone, the walls would be made up of books from the children’s, young adult, and classic genres. Then there would probably be a few TV screens or computer monitors flashing the hundreds of movies I’ve seen growing up.

Others must probably cringe at that idea, thinking that it’s a bad example of a healthy lifestyle. But I did grow up healthy and strong after all those hours with my books and the tube. Even though I spent a lot of time in front of the television and with my books, I also had great childhood memories. Those were just a part of who I am. Aside from those, I also played with my friends and enjoyed the late afternoon games after school. It was just that my books and TV were where I was (and still am) most comfortable with. It was just a matter of balance.

With all those memories coming back to me every now and then, I also wished that I had printed copies of the movies I learned to love when I was younger. There is something magical with the text of those trustworthy paper which makes me feel and understand the stories more. The words could show me more of the characters and the setting. This is through my own way of forming the images in my mind. Sure, the movies are visually appealing and could even be more elegant than what words could describe, but the image I make, whenever I read the words, is mine to keep and mine to own. Before I get too sentimental, this list is, in fact, difficult to make. There are just many wonderful films I’ve seen which all became special parts of my being. I do not expect many would agree with my choice, but some might get disturbed to even imagine them as books. So, here they are:

1. Hellraiser (1987) and the whole franchise

Whoa, right? How could someone start a list with this?

Well, I do fancy some dark literature and sometimes it shows in my writing. People might be surprised to know that I can’t really stand pain or any gory scene. My automatic response would be to cover my eyes or cover my ears then close my eyes. But this movie series was very memorable. It was released six years before I was born, so how did I get to watch those films? This is where I should thank cable TV 😉

I was in elementary then when I lazily sat on the living room and saw this strange looking scene from the HBO channel. To my extreme surprise, it was disturbing, but I got so hooked with the story. In one whole afternoon ’till early evening, I was watching the series. Yup, HBO got to show all in a single day (lucky me?)

It wasn’t the scenes or the scare that got me, but more of the story. Then who could entirely erase the memories of those cenobite faces: Female, Chatterer, Butterball, and Pinhead. 😮 Now, I can (at least) watch scary movies for as long as the story is good. If it is just pure gore or killing, nope, not for me. Then, if the series were made into books, I think I would definitely have sleepless nights.

2. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Another movie made before I even existed on the planet. 😀

This was the precursor of my fascination and attraction with Tim Burton films and Johnny Depp. The weird lonely yet lovely feel of the whole story caught me. The sympathy and the characters’ unusual circumstances made me relate to the whole movie. There are times when people feel different, unwanted, or isolated. In this movie, I felt that I probably wasn’t alone and that there was still good fortune coming. Now, I understand that better.

*There are already books of this, but just inspired by the film and not the whole movie story.

3. Dead Poet Society (1989) and 4. Jack (1996)

Mostly because of Robin Williams. I grew up in a home where my family enjoys watching Robin Williams’s films. The characters he portrayed were absolutely adorable and inspiring. There was a time when I really searched for his movies whenever I was sad. Now that he can’t make any more films, I hope I have books of his movies and see better through all those characters and their personalities.

5. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Encouraged by my science teacher in Grade 3, I watched this film from a rented VCD. Aha, there were still movies rented then. It was like a library of movies for my young eyes.

This movie was brilliant. I got emotional watching this one. I never thought that my eight-year-old self would be that affected by a movie. Maybe this triggered how my feelings which I now couldn’t control much. I shed my share of tears whenever I watch movies that are really touching. 😥 With all the visual effects and actors there, I want to get a copy of a book then read, re-read the lines which made me feel weak yet very much alive.

6. The Ring (1998)

Another horror flick. This movie made an impact because I saw this with my cousins who weren’t really that “brave” after all. I never really continued that thing with horror films because the blood and gore of American films had me feeling hurt. This one opened my eyes to Japanese movies. The story was really wonderful, I thought. 🙂

This really made me scared and how more if I could get a written copy. Maybe just by reading the words, I’ll be put to many sleepless days. My imagination really is a bit exaggerated when I read scary stories.



Big Fish (2003)

This made me cry many times and that doesn’t really make me feel embarrassed. As I mentioned earlier, I do like Tim Burton films. This one is another one of his works, however, this doesn’t have the dark shots that he usually uses. But the story itself is magnificent, magical, and memorable. This is a movie adaptation of a novel with the same title published in 1998.

Magic Temple (1996)

This is a Filipino movie that is both fictional and comedic. This movie wasn’t the best of the others made during its time, but I got to watch this on TV and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Jackie Chan films
This one I surely can’t get away with. I think my father watched almost all of Jackie Chan’s movies. It wasn’t a bad habit that I got. I enjoy watching his movies because of the action and the comedy. 🙂
Then when he does some serious roles, it makes me reflect on the lessons behind the story.

A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

March 23, 2005
University of the Philippines Los Baños

The birth date of The Rhetoricians 🙂

logoToday is the 10th anniversary of the UPLB Speech Communication organization. A place which I considered a family since the day I became I member in 2010.

It is such a wonderful moment to look back to the things I’ve done and learned from this organization. The amazing and somewhat crazy members I’ve met who all brought unimaginable joy and shared memorable experiences with me. This was also the place which helped me hone my skills in writing and speech communication. I even kept some of the souvenirs to remember those times.

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Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

Isn’t it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different…” – C.S. Lewis

Being in my early twenties is difficult to imagine myself worrying much about the future. This stage in my life seems to be a carefree one. I guess, I never got to that level. Every day there’s more and more of the reflection that I have actually skipped some or jumped from being young to adulthood. There was no teenage life in between. It was a clear cut line from young to adult self. Many of life’s circumstances and challenges made me grow up a lot faster than my peers.

Now, it seems much clearer that it truly was a jump (or maybe the genes).

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Breaking Out of the Fall

Jpeg It is not easy breaking out of the comfort zone. There are a lot of ideas that come to my mind, but they are sometimes extremely difficult to express. That is the time that I try to find inspiration from various things around me. Animals, plants, nature, people, books, and many more. Some days can be exhausting even without me trying to do anything. There seems to be a sense of disconnect. Then I pick up my pen and try to weave those spaces together. Continue reading

DAY 7 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

Dreams and plans are sweet things that add flavor to my days. However, too much dreaming made me feel sick. These thoughts that flood through my mind blinded me. There are times that I wish I could just erase all the memories and start fresh. But small patches of the memory still stuck on my head.

That’s when I decided to read more books and be close to characters from another world. These people live harmoniously and in power. They make me feel different emotions and make me thankful for another day. These I shall never forget.

DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

There are times when thoughts can’t fully come out of my mind, and can’t fit into words. Either searching for a scene or finding the right pitch, when you get a writer’s block. It seems difficult to get away from it.

As a young aspiring writer, I usually get stuck with an empty screen and blinking cursor because I can’t seem to find anything to write about. There are times that I just sigh and feel so down. So, I take a break and try to relax.

My professor in the university used to let us have a short exercise.

1. Take out a piece of paper.

2. Put a timer on for one or two minutes.

3. Press start then write anything. Any word, phrase, object that you can see, feel, or think about.

Don’t worry about the tenses, grammar, or any other rules. But remember NOT to write A COMPLETE SENTENCE. (You may if you really feel like doing so, but I prefer being so random at this time) 🙂

Don’t force to make the words sound like a poem. Just DON’T FORCE IT.

Free yourself with random words: objects, names, colors, smell, taste, adjective, adverb, conjunctions, … When the alarm goes off, put down your pen. STOP.

Look at the words you’ve written. This is a good start for your writing. Those words or phrases can give you now an idea to continue writing. This exercise helped me whenever I get stuck on doing an output. It was (and still is) a good break which let me inhale some fresh air to my thoughts. Then I know that my writing can only be done once I actually start writing something.

Don’t stay stuck for long. Start moving. Move your hands and let them dance with the pen and leave a mark. 😉

Childhood Fairy Tales

No, actually most fairy tales in their original form were gruesome to the extreme. In Cinderella, the stepsisters had their feet mutilated to fit in the shoe and her eyes were eventually picked out by doves. Sleeping Beauty was raped while she was unconscious by the King. Hansel and Gretel were held captive by a half blind cannibal. Soldiers were instructed to cut out Snow White’s liver and lungs, so the Queen could feast upon them …
My point is: one could argue that the sanitized versions we have today are actually counterproductive to the original purpose of fairy tales, so the children can safely confront their darkest fears

– Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds

When I first started reading, the most common books that were given to me were fairy tale stories. I was lucky that my parents bought a different fairy tale book. The versions in the stories were not the same as the movies I had seen. Maybe next time I’ll try to find that old book, but I got myself a new one to read today. This book made me feel that I could still face some of the characters in a different light. So, I bought the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. I shall bring back memories, no matter how dark they could be.


DAY 2 Memories of my forgotten childhood

Many challenges came to me even when I was just growing up. The confidence that I have for myself had to mature as well. I never thought of my strengths before but now I know better or a least I think I know something more.

Going to school gave me the opportunity to interact and to meet wonderful people. Though I was not as social as I am now, I was able to build good relationships. I learned many things beyond the classroom walls. Mt friends and schoolmates showed me different sides to the world I was in.

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