Going Back to my Passion Part 1

Wala ka na bang ibang trabaho? (Don't you have another job?) That was a striking question that I received from my doctor last March 2019 when I went to have my check up because I had been having difficulties speaking. I thought then that it may just be a swollen throat as I had been… Continue reading Going Back to my Passion Part 1

Memories of a High Schooler

In a couple of weeks, 2016 is almost over. Today seemed like a great time to look back into some of the memories of my younger years. Nerdy yet Fun High School There weren't much to do when I was in my teens. I was the typical girl who went to school, studied her lessons,… Continue reading Memories of a High Schooler

Burning Desire

Boiling with hot steam coming through Tingling more than usual Thoughts fill the empty space Between myself and the dying race Dreams stay for a while Until someone shatters them apart With words that pierce across the heart Burning but not killing the self inside It's worst than any other things Surrounding the days that… Continue reading Burning Desire

Laro Tayo

Ang mga batang nagtatakbuhan Bitbit-bitbit ang pares ng tsinelas Sa dalawang palad na nakabukas Kasabay ng mga ngiting sagad-sagad Mistulang walang problemang inaalala Kundi ang matapik ang susunod Magiging taya at magsisi-hagulgol Sa nakatutuwang pagtilapon Ng kaibigang natalisod Mapupuno ang kalsada Halakhak, patutsyada't sigawan Ng mga musmos na nag-uunahan Upang matapos ang laro ng buong… Continue reading Laro Tayo