Learn, Write, and Complete a Story (Part 2)

As I grew more familiar with the rich sources of knowledge and interesting tales through various books, novels, and even scripts from plays, I searched for more opportunities to explore and improve my own writing skills. But, there are a lot of times that I get stuck. The Characters and the Plot It may be… Continue reading Learn, Write, and Complete a Story (Part 2)

On Writing (3): Language – Filipino or English?

Filipino or English, what should I use to better share my ideas?  With a background in communication studies specifically in language and culture, I learned that there isn't a "better" language. Moreover, the thought of providing a distinct hierarchy of languages that makes one the best is affected by various factors which can be seen within the… Continue reading On Writing (3): Language – Filipino or English?

On Writing (2): Lost interest, missed opportunity

A dozen of scenarios plays back and forth in my mind. I get sleepless nights, tossing and turning with all these grand images knocking, crawling, and sometimes, frolicking their way to my consciousness. With this kind of dilemma, I set up a small space beside my bed with pieces of paper and sets of pens.… Continue reading On Writing (2): Lost interest, missed opportunity

On Writing: (1) Dark thoughts, great stories

A simple sight of blood upsets me. Even a small cut sometimes scares me. I seem to have a low tolerance for the striking uneasiness of pain or more so with gore. This reaction, however, seems strange to people who know me personally, because I write some dark stories with vivid descriptions. My Routine I… Continue reading On Writing: (1) Dark thoughts, great stories