Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

Isn't it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different..." - C.S. Lewis Being in my early twenties is difficult to imagine myself worrying much about the future. This stage in my life seems to be a carefree one. I guess, I never got to that level. Every… Continue reading Dreams, Failures, and Everything In Between

3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing

Exemplary work needs time, passion, and a lot of handwork. Unless a person's naturally brilliant that every idea that comes out of his/her mind would sound like a whistling lavenders to an abandoned lang. Most of the time when I want to start writing, I suddenly get the urge of making a long to-do list,… Continue reading 3 Ways I Procrastinate Before Writing

Day 5 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

Just my simple reflection for today: Many things are flying all over my mind. I know that I'm old-fashioned and I prefer writing my concerns and wishes die instead of sharing them with others. It's kind of selfish, I guess. This selfishness is eating me whole. Insecurities sometimes linger as I try to pick myself… Continue reading Day 5 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

There are times when thoughts can't fully come out of my mind, and can't fit into words. Either searching for a scene or finding the right pitch, when you get a writer's block. It seems difficult to get away from it. As a young aspiring writer, I usually get stuck with an empty screen and blinking cursor… Continue reading DAY 4 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood


My whole weekend was occupied by our family reunion. There were many familiar faces and also new faces. Meeting relatives in the Philippines is always a loud gathering with the videoke on and random chats with whoever is available. This time, however, the family had an overnight swimming. No lazy time because everyone's busy playing,… Continue reading DAY 3 MEMORIES OF MY FORGOTTEN CHILDHOOD

DAY 2 Memories of my forgotten childhood

Many challenges came to me even when I was just growing up. The confidence that I have for myself had to mature as well. I never thought of my strengths before but now I know better or a least I think I know something more. Going to school gave me the opportunity to interact and… Continue reading DAY 2 Memories of my forgotten childhood

Playwright’s Dilemma

There were times that I tried to make myself believe in dialogues more than just lines. When I was in the university, I can't find much satisfaction with the writing outputs that I have. I was not sure of the type of writer I wanted to be. In my last year in the university, I… Continue reading Playwright’s Dilemma


Children grow up so fast, but their memories linger for a lifetime. This process keeps a collection of the impressions and emotions that I have made throughout the colorful, unforgettable, and random days of my childhood. I was given the chance to live and grow up in a generation when people are moving to a… Continue reading Daluyong