Facing my Giants

You work to live and you are not simply living to work. This is mainly the gist of common tips I hear from people who try to encourage me to continue working. This later became my own type of go-to reminder whenever I feel like giving up. Has it always been easy for “adults” to live a life they wished for?

Growing up, I always thought that people who are already in their 20’s know what they truly want in life. It seemed such a wonderful time to be at that stage of life when you have a profession that you can be proud of and share with the family. I also had that belief that people who are working in their 20’s had their life planned ahead of them; that life is such a black and white journey where there are milestones that you just need to check from your list and then you move on to the next phase. It was such a wonderful thought then. But now that I am in my mid-twenties, I see the world differently. Never really thought that there would be dozens of giants that I needed to face to reach the goal I wish to achieve. In fact, I am still on that road and not really sure what will be at the end of this journey. But, I think that there are still many giants that will be meeting me along the way.

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Plan for 2018

[UPDATE 06/11/2018] This is still a plan and I was not able to really make this into a concrete action. But, it’s never too late to start. Maybe I can finally work on new posts starting this week up to maybe two to three months? šŸ˜‰

Ano na ang plano mo?

Maraming bagay ang nawawala sa mundo
Ilan? Anu-ano?
Kaya ano na ang gagawin mo?

Wala. Ewan. Siguro meron
O puedeng bahala na siĀ Batman
Ikaw din naman eh!

Marami kang ideya at pangarap
Eh ano naman?
Hindi ka ba kikilos para…

Maabot iyong masayang hinaharap
Oo, puede rin kaso andĀ drama
Tama na, nakakailan ka na a!

Happy endings and successes are made to happen
Tumpak! Ba’tĀ English?
Nagmamaganda ang pangit

Mahirap iyon kasi sabog ang utak ko
Di nga? Alugin mo pa
‘yun! Nakuha mo rin sa wakas!

Masarap mangarap at magplano
Pero ano? Mahirap gawing totoo?
Magulong usapin, dilikadongĀ tunguhin

Kung mas bata pa sana ako
Siguro puro sulat at plano
Walang landas na di haharapin

Mas mahirap kasi puso ang umiiral
Puso nga ba o utak?
Madalas kaba at luha

Ano na ang plano mo?


Walking up and down the stairs
Fidgeting at some unknown pace
Only looking on the toes of my feet
Ideas bursting all over the place

No one wanted to do it, I insisted
Everyone knew it was a good plan
On the third step up, the fidgeting stops
Missing the step had be falling, breaking

My knees scrape the steps or is it the other way
The bone cracks without warning
My ideas scattered on the floor
Tears come down uninvited, I’m not sure why

I know it is not because of the pain
But partly because of it, I guess
Though it’s more of the thought I lost
The fall shouldn’t have happened

Now, I look at the red mark
I wipe the tears away
I need to go back to my spot
The best of my work is interrupted