Love Options Before the New Year Starts

First love, love at first sight, or a love that lasts?

Many may instantly pick the last option because it promises a long time for a certain relationship. There is that hopeful feeling of spending love with someone who would actually stay for a while and not simply go on a bliss. But, how about the other two choices? Are they entirely bad picks for someone who is wishing, waiting, or have already experienced that complex event – love?

For me, not really. Even though I am not able to give reasons based on my own personal accounts, I do know that each of those options I provided has its own good point at a particular time in someone’s life. Let’s say for first love, whether it lasts for a few (who end up together) or it’s only a quick stop for many, has a lesson worth keeping. It is a reminder that you are capable of feeling a distinct connection and affection with someone, may it still be puppy love or a late bloomer’s first look at the concept of love. As a person starts that uncomprehensible sensation of butterflies in the stomach, a dozen tingling of ant-like movements from their feet to their bodies, the rush of blood to their cheeks, and the sudden beating of their hearts – love has arrived. Love has finally stopped by to introduce itself to that person.

Aside from that, there’s that dreamlike love at first sight moment that serves a magical twist to the typical meeting of two individuals. Personally, I don’t believe in this, as I try rationalizing it as simply a manifestation of perhaps an early stage of infatuation. But, I’ve heard friends share their love at first sight experiences, and I thought I have no right to question how they felt and how they faced those instances. It was love for them, and for me, only a person can say to him/herself when he/she is in love. No one else can do that for them. So, with those in mind, I can say that this particular magical moment may be a legitimate sensation and experience for those who actually are more self-aware of their emotions and can clearly identify it as love.

At the end, whichever option someone chooses, it is a personal experience that can only be made clear by that person. There are always lessons to every choice made, memories shared, and emotions felt. I perhaps need to open myself more to these possibilities as I bid adieu to 2017 and spread my wings further in 2018. Sure there would be something interesting to capture as I fill my collection of life experiences as well as fun trials along the way.

Ano na ang plano mo?

Maraming bagay ang nawawala sa mundo
Ilan? Anu-ano?
Kaya ano na ang gagawin mo?

Wala. Ewan. Siguro meron
O puedeng bahala na si Batman
Ikaw din naman eh!

Marami kang ideya at pangarap
Eh ano naman?
Hindi ka ba kikilos para…

Maabot iyong masayang hinaharap
Oo, puede rin kaso and drama
Tama na, nakakailan ka na a!

Happy endings and successes are made to happen
Tumpak! Ba’t English?
Nagmamaganda ang pangit

Mahirap iyon kasi sabog ang utak ko
Di nga? Alugin mo pa
‘yun! Nakuha mo rin sa wakas!

Masarap mangarap at magplano
Pero ano? Mahirap gawing totoo?
Magulong usapin, dilikadong tunguhin

Kung mas bata pa sana ako
Siguro puro sulat at plano
Walang landas na di haharapin

Mas mahirap kasi puso ang umiiral
Puso nga ba o utak?
Madalas kaba at luha

Ano na ang plano mo?