On Writing (2): Lost interest, missed opportunity

A dozen of scenarios plays back and forth in my mind. I get sleepless nights, tossing and turning with all these grand images knocking, crawling, and sometimes, frolicking their way to my consciousness. With this kind of dilemma, I set up a small space beside my bed with pieces of paper and sets of pens. … Continue reading On Writing (2): Lost interest, missed opportunity

My kind of weekend

Maybe it's because of the coffee or not. Probably the weather or the noisy street. Just my random self being happy, excited, hungry, sad, and tired all in the perfect rhythm of a 10-second to a minute flow. Survived the surprising traffic jam. Got home. Hungry. Tired. Done with dinner then I saw this http://youtu.be/QJBBk-A6Xm8Continue reading My kind of weekend