Remembering the quarantine

More than half of the year has passed, and about five months have been under quarantine, from the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), general community quarantine (GCQ), and so on. Many of us may have gone through different phases of emotional and even physical distress during those times. I have … Continue reading Remembering the quarantine

How to Get Back Up from a Slump?

Crying your eyes out early in the morning isn't a great start for the day, but still getting up and preparing for work is a huge step in facing the day better. In fact, even just the thought of trying is a strong choice to make to begin the day. However, it is not that … Continue reading How to Get Back Up from a Slump?

A Trip to Loving Myself More

Everyone is on a one-way trip through life. Whether you believe in reincarnation, it won't happen until another lifetime.  Love poems, love notes, lovers hugging, billboards reminding of love and romance, romantic TV series and movies; there sure is romance everywhere. But, why does it seem difficult to love me? With the numerous stories passed … Continue reading A Trip to Loving Myself More

Adulting: Struggles of Letting Go

Have you ever experienced a day when you just blurt out statements like 'Shocks, I'm getting old!' or 'Seriously? How old are you?'? I have those moments now, but I'm not even close to turning 30. I just hit the sweet quarter of a hundred mark and yet I feel somehow overwhelmed on how 'adult' … Continue reading Adulting: Struggles of Letting Go

Seeing Colors – Job, Travel, and Life

There are a lot of things that I wish I knew, I hope I can still do, and I want to pursue. But at the end of the day, there are just too many to pick and I end up accomplishing nothing. Still, with the hope in my heart and the desire to finally put … Continue reading Seeing Colors – Job, Travel, and Life

Rainy Days, Films, and a Hot Cup of Coffee

Multiple raindrops can trigger a lasting sensation. There aren't much to do on rainy days. How I wish I could go back to my younger years when I can dance in the rain without any worries to bother me. Now that I'm 22, I find other musings to keep me company. There are dozens of … Continue reading Rainy Days, Films, and a Hot Cup of Coffee

Museong Salamin

Apat na sulok ang lalakbayin Bago lisanin ang nakaraang madilim Pero paano matatapos Kung ang pader ay salamin? Walang katapusan ang pag-ikot Dumudoble ang sulok sa bawat tingin Dumadagundong ang pintig ng puso Nagbabadya o nagpapaalala Mag-ingat ka sa anumang paparating Sulyap sa kaliwa may litratong dala Panahon ng bata pa't walang problema Tanging pag-iyak sa … Continue reading Museong Salamin

Day 5 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

Just my simple reflection for today: Many things are flying all over my mind. I know that I'm old-fashioned and I prefer writing my concerns and wishes die instead of sharing them with others. It's kind of selfish, I guess. This selfishness is eating me whole. Insecurities sometimes linger as I try to pick myself … Continue reading Day 5 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood

Reflections of My Somewhat Writer Self

Friends and acquaintances usually have an impression and/or expectation that when someone wants to be a writer or is already one, has a different sense of reality. That most of the conversation you'll encounter with a writer would be reflective or deep. Maybe those people are just my friends and not others in general. Anyhow, … Continue reading Reflections of My Somewhat Writer Self