Of Weddings and Rainy Days

As the door opens, the bright shine of the sun gives a quick blinding trap for the guests' eyes. Right then, as their eyes adjust to the light, they see the silhouette of another bright gem entering the hall. This moment is the start of till death do us part. How does a wedding's captivating bride's first … Continue reading Of Weddings and Rainy Days

Love Options Before the New Year Starts

First love, love at first sight, or a love that lasts? Many may instantly pick the last option because it promises a long time for a certain relationship. There is that hopeful feeling of spending love with someone who would actually stay for a while and not simply go on a bliss. But, how about … Continue reading Love Options Before the New Year Starts

I am ready to fall in love

Has anyone really been ready to love? Is there a certain schedule that you can mark in your calendar and finally set aside for a couple of days, weeks or even months? If there is such a thing, I wish someone could tell me the proper steps right now. Is there a certain schedule that … Continue reading I am ready to fall in love

Still Oblivious but Learning

When he gives you time, does that mean it's already a sign That he's interested in investing his heart? When he asks about you, does that mean he cares Or simply an instinct he's compelled to do? There are so many possibilities. Different answers, varying timing. Guard your heart. Guard your heart to the sudden … Continue reading Still Oblivious but Learning

Random Reflection of a Busy Panda Bear

Love and Everything in Between- A possibly eye-catching title for a blog post. More clicks, more chances of having new readers, but those don't matter. This is a random bit of my¬†thoughts to kill the time while waiting for my next class. So, if anyone is interested in reading through this, better have a lot … Continue reading Random Reflection of a Busy Panda Bear

I’m okay, so please understand

I don't regularly post about my personal experiences online. There's no urgency or even the need to share anything about my daily routine or some of the fascinating moments I get to do during the day. But today, it's different. Not that I suddenly accomplished some extraordinary project, it's simply difficult to keep the thoughts … Continue reading I’m okay, so please understand

Love Story 101

Nonexistent No one took a risk Some wanted it ASAP Others later, Never But fear took over Step one Stare Step two Heart beats faster Step three Fear takes over Still nonexistent 'Coz no one took a risk No one wants to risk A friendship A connection A lasting relation Step four Miss the chance … Continue reading Love Story 101

Missing Close Encounters

Blood moves slowly Building red cloth along Even with cuts and scars It continues to flow with ease Heart pumps more Filling each vein alive Trying to save from breaking Functions merely for living not feeling It had lived All these times, alone Nothing comes close to it It knows no other beating heart Each … Continue reading Missing Close Encounters

One-sided not Reflected

One waited for a friend Willing to listen and recommend A way of living to last a day For a little longer, flashes like a ray Never knew it could end To a final breaking bend When one declines with a nay Towards a sudden romantic way It's not wrong to love, I said Confessing¬†is … Continue reading One-sided not Reflected