Red Rose (2011*)

A: When was the last time you saw me smile?

T: When was the last time you heard me sing?

A:  When was the last time you held my hand?

T: When was the last time you felt I’m alive?

T: I walked in the garden full of roses. It was the most beautiful thing anyone could ever imagine. Red filled the whole place.

A: I saw her walked in my rose garden and she was the most radiant rose I have ever seen.

T: I was wearing my favorite white dress and I felt like an angel standing in the center of heaven.

A: She filled the land with light and everything started to fade away. I was sitting and hiding behind the bushes, waiting for my angel to come. And she did!

T: I hopped along the brick fountain found at the center of the garden. There were two ladies partly covered with cloth, standing in the middle of the fountain, pouring water from their basin.  Then I glanced forward to see my reflection.

A: I started to walk near my angel. Then she started to go near the water! She moved her body and leaned to see over the well. It was my well of hell! She can’t be near the well! She might fall and she might be eaten alive by the demons of the underground!

No! No!

I shouted. But there was no sound.

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