Poem 04: Puzzle, Life

I never really liked puzzles
I’m not sure why

They twist and turn across my head
Lying, deceiving, trying to escape
My eyes would hurt while my hands tremble
Finding the answers to all the questions

“It will work. It sharpens the mind”
These were people’s lines
Whenever I refuse to start a move

“Games, they are all just games”
My favorite response to them all

Perfect sounding words don’t falter easily
But my peers would see through them quickly
Useless creative, poetic tactic aligns
For words are all like puzzles at the end

But they don’t come like they used to so well

Patience, logic, confusion, lingering
Finding answers to my troubled mind

Bothered by the letters and numbers
Even words fly across the clear blue sky
Firing squads ready to make the call

None would try to understand
My confusion, desires, and faults will remain untold

Shots are fired

No more moves,
No more puzzles to solve

One-sided not Reflected

One waited for a friend
Willing to listen and recommend
A way of living to last a day
For a little longer, flashes like a ray

Never knew it could end
To a final breaking bend
When one declines with a nay
Towards a sudden romantic way

It’s not wrong to love, I said
Confessing is like walking on a thread
Adrenaline rushes but then falls
Trial for hitting the floor but crushes to the wall

Love gives beautiful sets
But it takes a lot of bets
Running after the other is not the way
It can be a deadly slay

It’s not always a happy ending
So please stop pretending
Once the answer is given
Just remember and let it be forgiven