It’s difficult to let go and move on…

…from my decade-old reading assignments and book collection.

Whenever I try to remember the stories and books that truly got me into my current fascination with the written works, I can’t help but smile and think of the numerous reading assignments I had to complete throughout my high school and university years. There were times I couldn’t even remember the exact date or homework for a particular text, but the story and the characters were all still so familiar to me.

Science and Learning

I didn’t grow up in a family of readers. Television shows, movies, radio series, and only a couple of Komiks kept me pre-occupied during my tender years. I tried to excel academically during my elementary days, and I was only exposed to different textbooks, encyclopedia resources, and the dictionary (synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, and others).

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A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

March 23, 2005
University of the Philippines Los Baños

The birth date of The Rhetoricians 🙂

logoToday is the 10th anniversary of the UPLB Speech Communication organization. A place which I considered a family since the day I became I member in 2010.

It is such a wonderful moment to look back to the things I’ve done and learned from this organization. The amazing and somewhat crazy members I’ve met who all brought unimaginable joy and shared memorable experiences with me. This was also the place which helped me hone my skills in writing and speech communication. I even kept some of the souvenirs to remember those times.

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