Dinner is Served

Welcome home! Mama always greeted me that way. Why can’t you do that as well? See, the sky is dark now and I worked so hard today; a warm greeting would lighten up my day. But I guess you are too busy with your favorite show. You are kicking the table for three straight minutes … Continue reading Dinner is Served

Starting Again: Writing Exercise

In spite of having all the mental preparation in writing, it couldn't seem so easy to begin going back to that old self of mine who could easily finish a short story in one sitting. Now, there are just too many things, too many ideas, and real life concerns that occupy my mind that my … Continue reading Starting Again: Writing Exercise

My Thoughts are All Over the Place

Three hundred and sixty five years in a year and most of those I have spent in my mind. Have you ever felt like you could not do anything because you are overwhelmed even before starting anything? This is a typical moment for me as I have been a constant over-thinker. There were days that … Continue reading My Thoughts are All Over the Place

Never trust a poet

Never trust a poet As the sun risesTheir minds go placesYou’d face demonsOf past and presentYou’d hear whispersOf dreads and dreamsAs those are their muses Never trust the poet Even after the sun setsThey prepare for battlesA feat unlike anything elseFor a poet never restsTheir minds go places Never trust the poet For they’ll get … Continue reading Never trust a poet

Revisiting My Old Self

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to look back to your own self? Perhaps, to see how you were then and find another way to make sense of all your decisions and experiences. In my case, as I get older, I think I become more sentimental and so I pick up on … Continue reading Revisiting My Old Self

My Escape, My Comfort

There were no books in reach as I was growing up. I did not come from a family of readers. However, this reality did not hinder my complex journey with reading. Through the years, I was able to finally identify the various activities and content that bring me comfort. Stories, Cartoons, and Films As a … Continue reading My Escape, My Comfort

Abril: Isa pang pagkakataon

Dati-rati sa loob lamang ng ilang oras ay nakasusulat na ako ng isang buong akda, mapa tula, maikling kuwento o kahit pa nga dula. Iyon ba ay dahil sa malawak at malaya kong kaisipan noong ako'y mas bata pa? O dahil sa pangangailangang dala ng mga markang kaakibat ng mga akda? Sa paglipas ng panahon, … Continue reading Abril: Isa pang pagkakataon