Hinga, May Isa Pa

Sa pagsayaw ng liwanag ng kandila sa ating harapan Pakaliwa't pakanang pagsabay sa ating bawat paghinga Minsan inaakala nating patapos na ang problemang noo'y nagpahirap Sa puso nating punong-puno na ng di magagandang alaala Na may iilang natirang peklat katabi nang unti-unting naghihilom na sugat Kaso sa bawat hakbang pasulong at sa paglapat ng liwanag… Continue reading Hinga, May Isa Pa

Seeing Colors – Job, Travel, and Life

There are a lot of things that I wish I knew, I hope I can still do, and I want to pursue. But at the end of the day, there are just too many to pick and I end up accomplishing nothing. Still, with the hope in my heart and the desire to finally put… Continue reading Seeing Colors – Job, Travel, and Life

Magandang Umaga, Tara!

Dumudungaw ang mainit na haplos ng liwanag Mula sa kurtinang dahan-dahang sumasayaw Sa bawat pagbati ng malamig na hangin Unti-unting umaangat mula sa sahig na pulang-pula Mga alaalang binabagtas ang makinis na paalala Isang bagong umaga ang masayang bumubulaga Ang tahanang noo'y puno nang sapot na ipinaikot-ikot Sa may sulok na nalimot na ng panahon Ngayo'y… Continue reading Magandang Umaga, Tara!

Rekindling the Drive for Writing

As I worked through my new job this year, there had been little time left for me to do any writing. I mean, typing stories or poems for myself. There had been enough hours for me to simply relax and sleep. I wanted time off from facing my Chromebook/laptop that it started to get too… Continue reading Rekindling the Drive for Writing

Love Options Before the New Year Starts

First love, love at first sight, or a love that lasts? Many may instantly pick the last option because it promises a long time for a certain relationship. There is that hopeful feeling of spending love with someone who would actually stay for a while and not simply go on a bliss. But, how about… Continue reading Love Options Before the New Year Starts

Ongoing Passion Project

Poetry with a bit of darkness in it.The year 2017 is almost over and in a couple of months, people will be doing their new year's resolutions again while I'm still stuck on the list that I don't know where I got the idea from exactly. Nevertheless, in the remaining days of this year, I… Continue reading Ongoing Passion Project

How do you read?

Tagalog comics, English novels, Japanese manga, TV series subtitles, advertisements, newspaper reports, online article bits, and more: there are a lot of text that we read every day. They can be mundane, profound, inspiring, heartbreaking, or whatever the reader incorporates to them. However, there are times that reading is usually related to the opportunity of… Continue reading How do you read?

Music Playlist for the Rainy Days

Wild fire kisses the first rain drop With the wind for the moonlight Of ashes waving their final goodbye As the rainy day comes for their welcome Flames throw a great pas de deux With the touch lingering in the heart Of the prisoners of the dark Praying for a savior in the light This is… Continue reading Music Playlist for the Rainy Days

I am ready to fall in love

Has anyone really been ready to love? Is there a certain schedule that you can mark in your calendar and finally set aside for a couple of days, weeks or even months? If there is such a thing, I wish someone could tell me the proper steps right now. Is there a certain schedule that… Continue reading I am ready to fall in love