Sa saglit na pagkikita, minsan walang salitang makapagsasabi ng nararamdaman kung hindi ang isang mahigpit na yakap. 

This website is the virtual home of a woman fascinated with the creatively altered beauty of life and even the struggles in between. There are random things to explore here: poetry, random rants, jolly book thoughts, and even some excerpts from short stories. It is a home to the ups and downs of being a quiet being in a world that has been clouded by noises of lives surviving the day. But, if you want to get a quick glimpse of this woman and the reason behind the name of this site, you may read about the creation of this blog. Then later, perhaps, connect more with her in various social media outlets.

Feel free to share your ideas as well. There sure are a lot of curious discoveries in words and emotions, though it may sometimes be too difficult to express. Finding an outlet to burst all the boiling sentiments of the heart can be a refreshing experience on its own.

Here’s one of the woman’s old poems as a greeting for you:



  1. Hi Ms. Joy,
    I just want you to know that I really like your blog, I just read some of your works though its hard for me to really understand what’s it all about😅 Keep writing and God bless


    1. Thanks for reading my works, KD. 😊

      I do hope to make this page active again. Perhaps when that happens you can also give feedback to them so I can write better. 😉


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