Yakapin (v.)

—A Filipino term which means “to embrace”

This is my little space of escape where I try my best to understand the creatively altered life and the environment around me.


I love making long, tight hugs. Whenever I see my closest friends, I simply can’t help hugging them. Even at some point, people who are simple acquaintances somehow also receive hugs from me. I think I just couldn’t help but show more of my affection through this gesture. I am that type of person who would feel comfortable already with someone when we share friendly touches and later on with long hugs.

Quick hugs, bear hugs, awkward hugs, hugs from behind (but not so often), anything. It may sound creepy to others but I know that my main love language is touch. Not the flirty one but more of the caring, longing kind.

Words sometimes can’t express how I feel, only hugs can somehow connect me to a more concrete understanding of a situation or emotion. That’s why I used the term Yakapin for my blog’s name.

Right now, I am finding my own purpose in the continuously moving phase of life. I try to work on ways to finally understanding some of the events that come, but less of worrying on my part. I am still new in taking in each day at a time with delight.

If not in the classroom teaching my students, I may be in my bedroom reading a book, typing random texts or finding a means to get the loud ideas out of my head. There are a lot of stories to tell and I am giving life to some little by little. Hopefully, I can build a habit that can become a part of myself that comfortably expresses the emotions and thoughts I truly want to share with people.

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