Yakapin (v.)

—A Filipino term which means “to embrace”

This is my little space of escape where I try my best to understand the creatively altered life and the environment around me.



I love making long, tight hugs. Whenever I see my closest friends, I simply can’t help hugging them.

Quick hugs, bear hugs, awkward hugs, hugs from behind (but not so often), anything. It may sound creepy to others but I know that my main love language is touch. Not the flirty one but more of the caring, longing kind.

Words sometimes can’t express how I feel, only hugs can somehow connect me to a more concrete understanding of a situation or emotion. That’s why I used the term Yakapin for my blog’s name.

Right now, I am finding my own purpose in the continuously moving phase of life. I try to work on ways to finally understanding some of the events that come, but less of worrying on my part. I am still new in taking in each day at a time with delight. If not in the classroom teaching my students, I may be in my room reading a book, typing random texts or finding means to get the loud ideas out of my head. There are a lot of stories to tell and I am giving life to some little by little.


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