Connect with Me

Trying to get through the different social media platforms while understanding the complexities of these works are both not easy for me. Here are some ways to find and read my other pieces, as well as connect with me.

Most of the informative articles that I write are available on my hub. I mostly write about travel, books, and nature. Though, I haven’t been that active recently (life and adulting happened~still happening). Also, I have been writing for Friendly Borders for about six years now. You may find some interesting information about various ethnic groups around the world here. Please find time to check out their website.

In terms of my more creative outlet, my other short stories and poems are on my tablo bookshelfΒ or my prose page. However, I don’t update them much more often as necessary, please understand.

In terms of social media, well, I’ve only been on Instagram and Facebook. πŸ™‚

**I sure have a lot of accounts online, but the sad news is that I rarely update them. Will find a way to be more consistent this time in updating.


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