Books for an Old Soul

Personally, there is a different feeling whenever I flip through pages of books. The new and the old ones, I tend to be more attracted to the latter. The smell of old, thrift shop books are intoxicating, and yes it’s strange but I sniff through some of the pages. It’s just me 😉

Every reader has his/her own style to pick. I think the uniqueness of the writers (and their stories) is also searching for the right, equally distinct reader. It’s like whenever you try to find that perfect spot to spend your night, that’s how you choose your book. Something to comfort or to accompany you through sleepless nights or sweet daydreams.

In my case, I like old books. My friends are sometimes intrigued because I don’t usually go with the trend or the hype. I prefer to browse through piles of dusty, worn-out covers on the corner of a secondhand store. Suddenly get excited when I see first edition copies, but tear up inside checking my wallet and can’t afford myself one. 😥 But, don’t think that I’m some hipster here. I also enjoy walking through shelves of new published books, and buy myself one or two for the day. It’s just my old soul kicking in most of the time. Anyway, here are the top three books I loved the most through those stages of solitude and being picked as the weird member of the pack.


1. One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Back in 2009, I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Buendia family. I was sixteen then, and I was disturbed, fascinated, entangled, and withdrawn at some point throughout the reading. Amazing!

Now, I search and sometimes try my hand with magic realism. Even though I get lost with the stories, I know that this book opened my eyes to a different form of beauty.

2. The Martian Chronicles20150408_01

Ray Bradbury may have lived years ahead of me, but his works are definitely inspiring and his imagination is something I aspire to hone with my own. This stitched collection of his Martian stories gave chills and realizations. How I wish I can get a copy of the complete edition. Oh, wait *checks wallet*

Next time. 🙂

I appreciate his writing style, and I came to fancy his other works like Fahrenheit 451.

3. Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah

This may not be that old, but this book was definitely one of the most memorable. This book was the start of my interest in reading longer stories (not the fairy tales or essays). The life of a young girl that is full of trials, lessons, and a bountiful reflection of a culture. This autobiography sparked the literary side of me. At a young age of 13, I traveled and cried (yup, tears!) with this story.

I don’t have my own copy of this. I borrowed one from my high school’s library then. 😀

Now, I’m currently having a ride back to children stories. I hope to re-read my favorite stories, and read new ones this year. ♥

20150224_books20150224_books3 20150408_04

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