Metallic Memory

Three-thirty in the afternoon, the whole small town of Shale grew quiet. The cool, strong winds came and Alex looked out of the window and saw it all. The sky was blue with the peaceful shades of soft white clouds. The sun was hiding behind them, taking a break. Alex knew better, and closed her eyes as she inhaled all of it. The sweet smell of the fallen leaves from the mango tree nearby. There was a moist forming on her cheeks when the wind touched her face. This made her smile.

As she continued to get everything all at once, her hair tossed over her eyes, then a rusty smell of rotting metal followed. Her eyebrows started to curve. She didn’t like the smell. Still, she opened her arms wide open, eyes closed, and putting her arms slowly across her chest for an embrace.

I hope he was…

A tear fell and Alex felt the warmth slowly moving from the corner of her eyes to the peak of her cheek, then down to the floor. The air didn’t feel so cool anymore. She lost the smell of the leaves and had enough foul rusty smell. Only the tear was left to her senses.

She was starting to burn all over. The tears kept falling. Her arms became like twenty pounds heavier, her hands trembled. It didn’t end there.

The feeling crawled from her head, snaking down her neck and covered both her her shoulders, her arms followed. Then the heat got close to her heart. It should have had hurt, but it didn’t. It was only a tingling second before it left and danced through her belly. it weakened her legs and bent her knees.

When she opened her eyes, she was on the floor. Her foot was wet. The tears continued to flow straight to the small gaps between her toes as they searched for freedom from the top of her feet. As she looked up the window, the sun had set and the air was cold.

Time is fast. It does not wait.

She stood but stumbled a little on her way up. She wiped the tears away and checked her clothes.

It’s okay…I…I’m okay.

Alex closed the windows with some difficulty. Her fingers were fighting over the numbness. She had to wait for a while. When the air was finally kept outside, she faced the room. No lights. But she knew the way. She walked past the old wooden table on the right and moved gracefully over to the bookcase.

She raised her hands to let her fingers touch the books. She touched and counted one by one. Then she knew she  would be at the corner of the room where the switch was. The light was on and the memory was gone.

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