Salvation from Boredom

It’s quite fascinating how words can move people to tears or jump for joy at some instances. There are even times that those words are used to depict life, but people still see it with twinkling eyes. It seems as if it is the first time they see it.

I think it is a way to preserve life in a way that humans are capable of. People use words that are powerful, moving, inspiring, or intriguing which are woven together for expression. The force they have can show emotions that are yet to be expressed or touches the heart like no other feathery tool has. Words can show more than objects at times because they are means of the past, the present, and the future.

I feel privileged to hear those words spoken, read those letters dance along the pages (or the screen), and experience different forms of adventure. There is still a great salvation that comes to people. There is a place for the imagination and the play of letters. Skill may be needed to proceed, but this is a challenge worth taking because there are stories yet to be told. Voices that are not given a chance. People willing to listen. This is the time for individuals to get up and get going.

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