Missing Close Encounters

Blood moves slowly
Building red cloth along
Even with cuts and scars
It continues to flow with ease

Heart pumps more
Filling each vein alive
Trying to save from breaking
Functions merely for living not feeling

It had lived
All these times, alone
Nothing comes close to it
It knows no other beating heart

Each pump hurts
Veins expand too big
Blood longing for something different
Someone, if possible, someone to share

Emotions aren’t much
Other than labels inside
Brain knows too well, but
Heart is blinded, covered from it

Once it felt
New rush passes through
Veins, blood, heart all together
Until it had that close encounter

The hand moved
It sent a message
A lasting sensation that’s missing
For more than a decade now

When will it come back
Will it also remember me?
Or it will be different
Far away, forgotten

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