Breaking Out of the Fall

Jpeg It is not easy breaking out of the comfort zone. There are a lot of ideas that come to my mind, but they are sometimes extremely difficult to express. That is the time that I try to find inspiration from various things around me. Animals, plants, nature, people, books, and many more. Some days can be exhausting even without me trying to do anything. There seems to be a sense of disconnect. Then I pick up my pen and try to weave those spaces together. Fallacy

Smiling, stretching the muscles for as long as it can
But every move leads to heart break
The smile is falling down slowly
Clenching the palm to keep the heat
Holding back the tears,
Breaking voice in between
Keeping the anger within

No break in between doesn’t make John a dull boy
No break in between makes John jump to a pit of fire
Anger, hatred, and pity
Sucks the life within I have to go away
To keep myself safe

Living for today is not enough
I have to leave for the rest of my life
Holding back these emotions
Will rot the being I kept pure and sincere
I have to let go
Holding back the tears
This is the hardest part to keep
Sadness, fear, happiness, and anger
They all make tears fall
Others I can’t keep,
Others I consciously fight back
Stretching my limits
Carrying me away from my being

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