Online Writing Activities

In the past few weeks, I haven’t really got into writing. There were a lot of distractions around, and even when I turn on my laptop I can’t do much. The internet made me busy with aimless clicking, random musings, and left me unproductive yet with so much time typing. I personally get overly excited with little things that I focus a lot of my time to them.. For instance, in just the past two weeks, I have ventured in keeping my tumblr account active (oh my college days), then I got into instagram (it took me ages to follow the trend). I also got into writing in tablo for some random amusement of having to see my works in book form. However, with all those activities, I lose certain focus with what to write. 😦


It is great to see many opportunities in the world wide web, but I have got to get a grip of myself and find the right path/medium for my writing. Hope to have more poems this coming days. I also need to get out more often to find new inspiration because I think I’m turning into a hermit living under a rock.

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