A Collection of Poems

limbo (1)Will be working on a collection of my poems. I have accumulated quite a handful, but will work on polishing them. 😉

I’ll be posting it in my account soon!

For now, here’s what I have in mind for the cover: ——————————>

Here’s also a part of the introduction.

Limbo (n)
— a state of uncertainty

Other meanings can be associated with this term.
I prefer the one provided above.

Individuals seek solutions to problems, answers to dozens of questions,
or simply gazes to the mesmerizing view of curiosity.

But for the meantime, I still have this flash fiction entry: Listener

Maybe you can also check out my other collection Echoes in the Library. This one is not done yet, don’t worry I’m doing my best to finish it soon. *fingers crossed*

Listener                            Echoes

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