Rainy Days, Films, and a Hot Cup of Coffee

Multiple raindrops can trigger a lasting sensation. There aren’t much to do on rainy days. How I wish I could go back to my younger years when I can dance in the rain without any worries to bother me. Now that I’m 22, I find other musings to keep me company. There are dozens of books waiting for me to finally pick them up. Different notebooks lay bare on my table (sometimes on the bookshelf, or possibly under my bed) because I hoped to write when I suddenly have some incredible ideas. Sad to say, those notebooks are gathering more dust than letters.

Adult worries come in different forms: work, responsibility, forgotten dreams. Aside from all of those concerns, the worst trouble I have now is getting distracted so easily. When I turn on my computer, online sites distract me. When I try to write some notes, other things on my table distract me. When I try to read a book, my thoughts distract me. There is an endless cycle of starting and getting distracted; going back but end up procrastinating. That’s why now, I wish to limit all of these distractions to one or two things (hopefully I have enough willpower to do so).

  • Films

The first item that I will indulge in would definitely be films. These are the companions I grew up with. Dozens of characters took part in baby-sitting me while many more served as my role models. It’s strange to look on them like this, but it’s simply the way I see them. 🙂

There are different genres that I enjoy watching: mysteries, animation, horror, and musicals. Of course, my preference changes every now and then especially when something interesting comes to play. Most of the memories I have are from Tim Burton’s films, classic musicals,  and many psychological movies with some horror flicks occasionally.

  • Food and Drinks

No one can fully function without anything in their stomachs, right? Well, for me this is one distraction that I should definitely attend to. There aren’t much argument with this, however, if I am going to limit myself, I’d have coffee and bread as the basics. Still, being an Asian, I enjoy my meals with rice. 😉 After all, I eat well and enjoy those peaceful times.

Even now that I’m writing about these random thoughts, I hope to work on more writing assignments with more focus. I need to do well on this part so that I won’t end up stuck.

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