Lights out.
My mind goes wild
I see dozens of creatures
Staring, grinning, coming near.

Whispers keep me company
They don’t like it quiet.

I struggle over the entire evening
Tossing and turning
With my blanket over my head
While keeping my eyes wide open

My bed seems so bare
So light and heavy at the same time
Can’t stay under the blanket anymore
I’ve tried it once and regretted doing so.

They like the way I feel trapped
Within the space where no one can seeTried to tell this to my parents
They smiled and reminded me,
“There’s no such creatures.
You’ll grow up and get over that fear.”

Now, I’m 23, and they still linger
Not so often as before
But still, whispers, scratches
And some faint faces

They greet me whenever they want
No set schedule ‘coz they like surprises
Some of them just became more familiar
Like the day I meet strangers outside
Just no blankets to protect me this time

Lights out. Let it begin.

They like to have a sleepover.



Published by

J. M. Salgado

This is for the unraveling thoughts of a Filipina trying to understand the creatively altered life of herself and the environment that she lives in. Learning to live the life through writing.

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