Being Free

Every now and then, this little girl sees through my eyes, beyond my mind, beyond my soul. She tries to delve into the deepest, darkest, most treasured memories, and feelings I have kept to myself for so long. She doesn’t think of anything to spare me from the pain that every move creates. She doesn’t care. She never would.

All she understands is the need to break free. All that was left in her heart were shattered glasses of faith, love, and lost dreams.

The good thing is, this scenario doesn’t happen that often.

Sometimes it comes in the time of solitude.
Sometimes in my sleep.
Sometimes when I am at the pinnacle of happiness.
She gives me a spark of hope,
a sense of humanity,
a reminder of reality,
a savior of my sanity.
Every time she appears, I smile…

I see myself in her EYES…
every tear that drops
serves as a step
to my freedom
from life’s lowest
point of survival.

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