How to edit life?

If I would erase my life then there will be thousands and thousands of seconds of me simply being in my mind to see. Sometimes there are really just a lot of things that fill your mind. However, you don’t have any control over it so you just try to smile and move on with your life. 

How do you edit your life? I think there aren’t a lot of things that you can do to edit anything that has happened in your life. But there will be moments when you just pause and look far away and realize you’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Even though there are still so many dreams in my mind; so many plans that I wish to fulfill. However, it’s not easy for me to start working on them. There is this constant fear of not being able to do my best, not being able to write what I really think, not being able to satisfy my readers. But then I realize I’m writing for myself and not just everyone else.

Then you realize you just walk on this world on your own until you find the strength to look up and to ask for help. But then everything becomes clear, you are not alone. There is always someone there looking after you. It is just not that easy to feel his presence. After all, you try to discover everything on your own and make sense of every little detail you find in this life. Because you thought he was the only one who had the power to change the flow of your life. Without knowing anything about the great power of him, who created you.

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