My Thoughts are All Over the Place

Three hundred and sixty-five days in a year and most of those I have spent in my mind. Have you ever felt like you could not do anything because you are overwhelmed even before starting anything? This is a typical moment for me as I am constantly an over-thinker. There were days that I tried so hard not to fall into this bad routine, but it had grown too strong that it took longer for me to let go.

For each task and dream that I plan to achieve, I already have dozens of scenarios where it could go wrong. All of those, however, is just in my head. Yet, they have a mighty power in making me afraid to begin anything at all.

As days come closer, anxious thoughts grow faster
Each moment of uncertainty opens massive gates of racing heartbeats and mumbled ideas floating in my head
Words of denial whisper through my ear as my brain tries to dismiss each one.

When there are just so much you can handle
You curl up into deep sleep to manage
The grueling pain that you couldn’t show
One by one, little by little, time and again
You pick each piece and bear a smile
A light to help the love of your life
But, there is a time you must let go
As your pieces get torn too often
Cracks slowly growing and parts weakening
It’s time to let go and be whole on your own.

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