Morning Visit

Wake up earlier than everyone else, I need to get up and prepare breakfast for them. I love spending time with my friends. After all, there are two best things in my life: good friends, good food. I always enjoy cooking for my friends. I think that, generally, I like cooking and feeding friends. The experience doesn’t really tire me but instead it gives me more energy. 

I enjoy seeing each one savor the tasty dishes that I make, and today I hope to see their smiles again as I prepare them breakfast. I walked to the kitchen and tried to open the small window.

Phone rings from a notification, reads it and sees.

“I’m here.”

Eyes wide open, replies. 

“What do you mean? Where are you?”


“Just got off at Hikari Station.”

Now so busily moving back and forth in the small apartment kitchen, I am in panic and trying to keep my cool. 

My friends got out of the room one by one and saw me like this. I told them of the situation and they all were half smiling, half worried as well. 

“So, go! See him then.”

“Yeah, we also want to meet him.”

“But… my hands are shaking… We didn’t talk about this.”

“Girl, it’s okay. We’re here.”

So, I got out of my apron and walked my way out of the apartment. It only took about three minutes to arrive at the station. I quickly looked at the front of the door and he’s there standing, checking his phone with his small black backpack and another traveler’s luggage on his side. 

My heart started pounding fast.

Today starts my daily writing exercises. I hope to write as much as I can even if it is just for a short piece.

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