Acceptance and letting go

Every new day opens up opportunities to gain experiences. Each one presents a distinct phase in our lives that we can’t see clearly when it happens. but would make better sense in the future. Even the seemingly missed chances which broke our hearts before could have been blessings for that time. We may feel bad about unpleasant moments and then later be thankful they happened because they brought important lessons that built the person we have become.

Splashes of red, green, and white
Fill the walls of my breaking heart
As the day ends with a smile on my face
But a body full of bruises and scars

I know it has not always been like this
But now, I don’t remember when it started
Now, I simply open my eyes and go
Accepted my fate as a tattered doll of the present

I couldn’t even escape to the memories I kept
As those have nothing I could fully hold
You see, I easily forget those things
Maybe it’s my gift or, perhaps, a curse

Only my mind could keep tab on the memories
Yet, I, the owner of the body couldn’t get pass
The locks I created for my own safety
Has now become a burden only I could take

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