Writing Practice

Here. My hand is here. Just move a bit closer. 

Kindly hold my hand. 

Yes, I know. I am sorry that I have cold and tiny fingers. The years ate the strength out of me.

I just want to hold your hand. 

My hand is cold but I will try to hold you gently. There, just for a few seconds, please.

No, sorry. Did I hurt you? Oh my, I didn’t mean to. I swear.

I was just trying to hold on a bit longer. 

I promised just a few seconds, but I got too excited. Please understand. 

Wait, why are you leaving? No, come back! Please, please…

Thank God, you came back! Oh, you look different. 

Yes, move a bit closer, my hand is still here. 

It got a bit warmer, didn’t it? Wait, your hand is bigger now. 

Wait, what are you doing? I just want to hold hands for a while.

Sorry, I know I hurt you earlier, I didn’t mean to. 

Hey, that tickles! 

Oh, that was not you?

Your hands are so much bigger. You don’t want to touch me. 

Yes, there is a bit of blood on the tip of my fingers from the cut earlier. 

But nothing to be scared of, it can be cleaned. 


What are you doing? That thing really tickles. Oh, but you move so gently. 

The warmth from your light is slowly touching my hand. Wait, I see something… there! There!

Yes, just by your left foot. You saw it too, didn’t you?

Please move that thing there. Yes, that’s it! Just a few more of those gentle sweeps of yours. Thank you. I can see it! That’s my other hand! 

Now, will you hold my hands?

Thank you. But, I think you left my pinky.

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