Finding my place

It has been a couple of months when I started deleting my online accounts. I tried to disconnect from the things that eat up my time. I tried to find other means to connect with others.

Through that experience, I found myself only needing my closest friends. They are the ones who understand and who encourage me to do even the craziest thing which will help me grow. I am now dealing with my fears. Now, I’m writing again.

This time, I would like to try exploring a different side to my writing. I’ve been searching for places to express my thoughts. I hope that this place may help me find peace.

I have my personal blog, all about my random thoughts, and a place to store my precious memories. I have found a place to share my skill and love of words. I found a place to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Now, I am here finding a place to share some of my thoughts on the things that I want to embrace.

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