Walking along the road, seeing less and less of the flowers and trees that I grew up with, seeing new faces, and finding none of the old ones. I feel that I am in a very different place.

I know that I am not so much of a social person. I enjoy the quiet and peaceful company of books at home. Also, with some hours of movies on the side. I learn to appreciate life through those experiences. Now, I’m trying to find another sense of peace with the people around me. I’m slowly stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing my dreams into reality.

Opening up to people with gusto is like standing naked in a showroom- uncomfortable, scary, dangerous. Those are the thoughts that sometimes bother me whenever I try to talk with people. I think it’s an ordinary experience for people to feel fear every now and then. I appreciate those times. Those are the challenges that can make me a better person. However, the more I move, the more random my thoughts come. The more mistakes I can make. I hope that the next time my thoughts bombard my head, those bleed to paper and words come to save me.

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