Children grow up so fast, but their memories linger for a lifetime. This process keeps a collection of the impressions and emotions that I have made throughout the colorful, unforgettable, and random days of my childhood.

I was given the chance to live and grow up in a generation when people are moving to a new millennium, but are still clinging to the nostalgic body of the previous decades. Lifestyles, generations, and ideas mixed up in my brain that made me the person I am now.

Poems serve as a sanctuary of my most kept experiences in the early days of my life. The transitions I had to endure to come where I am now are part of every words I write.


I never really liked books
I liked coloring ones and pictures
Fairy tales, legends, fables, tall tales
I never really liked words

Always stuck on TV, staring,
Befriending Sarah, Cedi, Heidi, Daddy long legs
Others came, entertained and loved
Lessons I learned from the mighty

Not until I was in school
I endured long writings
Even marked readings all year round
ABC, 123, read and write

Then I met a book
Which changed everything
It made me excited, happy, and sad
It made me alive

My life then was a bore
Until I met new friends
Adventures started from the tip of my toe
Up to the end of the couch

This was B.TV.
I never got out of it

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