Playwright’s Dilemma

There were times that I tried to make myself believe in dialogues more than just lines. When I was in the university, I can’t find much satisfaction with the writing outputs that I have. I was not sure of the type of writer I wanted to be.

In my last year in the university, I was given the chance to write two one act plays. It was not easy!

Inspiration and drive came almost at the last minute before submission. I was terrified of the possible results, but later on surprised of the outcome. My professor back then was a noted Palanca awardee and a playwright. Before becoming his student, I was really amazed of the plays that he wrote. I watched two of his works staged and was looking forward for more. So, when the class started, there was a heavy weight on my shoulder feeling like, “How can I not embarrass myself here?”

Writing dialogues and giving directives for a play were not my strong points. I usually write poems, short stories, and essays. This was a tough challenge for me. I could make much sophisticated ideas come alive. It served as a training ground for me. Then satisfaction came right after an approval from my professor. It was surreal. 🙂

My dilemma of finding a voice, became my strength because I pushed myself more and I had positive results. To this, I’ll try to write more stories and even theatrical plays. I might still be in for more surprises.

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